Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Missed opportunities

Tonight I was listening to a Christian radio station on the way home from work. While most Christian radio that I’ve hard is really lousy, we’ve got access to a couple of pretty good ones down here. This particular one includes programs from Northland, Bob Jones, and John MacArthur, as well as some great music.

At any rate, I was listening to a call in radio program on this station – I’ve heard it once or twice and have never been all that impressed. A non-Christian called and the host quickly picked up on this. His handling of the situation really bothered me and struck me as a missed opportunity. The caller expressed the fact that he didn’t believe the Bible to be true, so the host asked him what his “moral compass” was. Nearly every time the caller attempted to say something, the host interrupted him with these words, “Now caller, we’re going to have dialogue here….” Apparently the “dialogue” was going to be one way.

The caller didn’t understand what the host was asking with his “moral compass” question, but he kept attempting to answer. The host continually shot down his answers until he offered up an answer that included the words, “I guess…” The host latched onto these words and this is how the conversation ended:
Host: “Would you bank eternity on a guess?”
Caller: “Nothing lasts
Host: “Heaven does. And I know God exists because I spoke to Him
this morning. Let’s move on to our next caller.”

With that the unsaved caller was disconnected and the show went on. Here was a wonderful opportunity – an unsaved man calling a Christian talk show. Yet the host didn’t even make a solid attempt at sharing the Gospel message. Pretty sad, really….

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