Monday, May 7, 2007

Calvin for Kids

Last night our 3 year old son (Elijah Paul) was having trouble getting to sleep. He was extremely tired, but was fighting it pretty hard. My wife wasn't going to bed yet, but I was lying down to do a little reading so I asked Elijah if he'd like to hop in bed with me so I could read to him for a bit. He was pretty excited at that proposal and jumped in bed and snuggled right up next to me. He took a hard look at that book and, noticing that there were no pictures, said, "Hey, that's not a book!" I assured him that it was and began reading aloud to him these words:

"The citizens of Geneva were predisposed in favour of the Reformation by the struggle for political liberty which they maintained during the first three decades of the sixteenth century against their bishop and his ally, the Duke of Savoy. The constitution of Geneva was a curious combination of feudal and communal government....."

I figured that it would take no time at all for Elijah to fall asleep, but alas, 45 minutes later he was still cuddled up to me taking in every word. I finally closed the book and sent him to bed. The entire scene prompted my wife to say, "Well, he's definately his father's son!"

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