Sunday, April 6, 2008

A couple of my favorite websites.....

If you are anything like are unbelievably charming, good looking, and you have a great sense of humor......! Additionally, you like to listen to quality preaching whenever you can. I recently got a great deal on an mp3 player and I'm making pretty good use of it, I think. My initial thoughts were to fill it with music and enjoy it on my 45 minute commute to work each morning, but I've found myself downloading and listening to sermons and books instead. A couple of websites that might interest you are: - this is a terrific site that is chalk full of quality sermons from all sides of fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism. I probably download and listen to 5 - 10 hours of sermons from here every week. You can search for sermons by passage, speaker, topic, or date. There are thousands of sermons there covering about everything. is another favorite. They offer thousands of titles of books - but you have to pay to download them. However, each month they offer one book for free. It's the only time they will ever offer that book and they offer some great free titles every now and again. I've donwloaded David Brainard's diaries as well as Confessions of the Reformed Church (containing the Augsburg and Westminster Confessions amongst others). If you like audio books, this is a great site....if you like free audio books, it's an even better site! Well, at least once a month! Enjoy!

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