Friday, April 13, 2007

My date with Ash

It seems that I rarely get to go on a "date" with my kids. We'll hop outside and play football on occasion and we'll wrestle every now and again, but I don't get a lot of one-on-one time with them - particularly during the school year. Last night, however, I got to spend a couple of hours alone with my daughter, Ashleigh. I first took her to her Girl Scout meeting (I've rarely felt more out of place than I did during that hour!), and then we hit Dairy Queen for some ice cream and "conversation". I'd like to share with you a bit of the "table talk" we shared over ice cream cones.

Me: Is your ice cream OK, Ashers?
Ash: Yep!
Me: How's school going, hon?
Ash: Fine. Trey's (our oldest son) really annoying, though.
Me: He is?
Ash: Yeah. He's the most annoyingest big brother in the world.
Me: What's he do that's so annoying?
Ash: He pokes me all the time.... Hey, is that our van? Mommy must be here!
Me: No, Ash...we drove the van, remember?
Ash: Oh yeah!
Me: So why is Trey so annoying?
Ash: Daddy, do you think that Trey and Ligers (Elijah - our youngest son) know that we're here?
Me: I doubt it.
Ash: Good, because they would be jealous!
Me: Maybe.
Ash: Daddy, how many stars do you think there are?
Me: I don't know, hon. But God sure made a....
Ash: Hey, there's mommy!
Me: No it's not, Ash. Remember...WE drove the van tonight.
Ash (slapping forehead): Oh, yeah!

The conversation continued like this for the rest of our hour together. Right as we would start talking about something, she would get sidetracked by something else. It reminded me a T-shirt I recently saw that said, "I started out to change the world, but then I got distracted by something sparkly." Ashleigh's mind - and mouth - never stop moving, but she melts her daddy's heart!

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Cindy said...

I think daddy-daughter outings are a great idea! My husband and my daughter (now age 20) have always had a wonderful relationship. By insuring that you and Ashleigh have a good relationship, you are preventing heartbreak and tragedy down the road. Little girls need to know that their dad loves and appreciates them. Obviously your daughter will be secure in that knowledge!