Monday, July 21, 2008

A little laugh.....

Sometimes it's good to laugh - even if the laugh is at our own expense. A Recent thread over at SharperIron is taking a rather humorous approach to the subject of "You Might be a Fundamentalist...."



Marty Colborn said...


Sorry, I don't find all of that amusing. Some of it seemed too pointed, and parts were painted with a very broad brush.

Sometimes when we make fun of a practice, we are, at the same time, discounting the Biblical convictions that the practices are based on. Perhaps the practice is laughable, but the reason behind it might be quite Biblical. One example to clarify: Your item about rock music killing house plants. If we laugh at that, are we not also, by some kind of inverted logic, saying that it is okay to listen to rock music, since it doesn't really kill house plants? I knew a guy in college who made fun of me for thinking rock music was bad. He didn't really have an argument against it, but he simply laughed at me. In his mind, I guess, that was good enough. BTW- have you actually tried the experiment, to see if rock music really does not kill house plants? I couldn't do it myself. I kill house plants without any kind of music.

Also, laughing at some of these ideas is kind of like making fun of some of my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, which I don't want to be a part of. The whole thing made me feel like I was back in grade school, listening to everybody make fun of the little fat kid. I laughed too, and pretended that it didn't bother me - but I was the little fat kid. The difference now is that I realize I don't have to pretend that it doesn't bother me.

I know it is supposed to be all in fun, but not everyone is laughing.

Your Brother in Christ,


Ellis Murphree said...

I understand where you're coming from, Marty...Nut I think you're missing the point.

Some of what I find humorous about the entire thing is not only some of the foolishness that has typified some of the fringe segments of our movement, but some of the things that bring back memories...many of them pleasant.

For instance, the knocks on the ACE uniforms are absolutely hilarious to those of us who grew up wearing them...I don't think that anybody there would say that there is anything wrong with ACE's just a funny memory!

Regarding your question about the houseplant test...I've never performed it myself, but I've seen it performed. There's a popular program on The Discovery Channel called Myth Busters where the hosts put well-known myths to the test. When they performed the "heavy metal versus classical music plant test", the plants in the greenhouse playing the heavy metal music thrived,while the classical music plants shriveled up. Now, does that mean that I think it's OK to listen to heavy metal? Absolutely not, but resorting to myths and outright falsehoods as our support for not listening to it is ridiculous.....we can - and should - be better than that.

BTW, the guy who followed up my post with a compliment on that particular comment is EXTREMELY conservative musically - to the point of considering music a potential issue of separation if I've correctly understood some of his writing on the subject. However, he defends his position with Scripture rather than illustrations which are not rooted in reality.

Perhaps this sort of humor isn't always best, but I looked at most of it as a funny way of stating fact. Frankly some of the things that have been part of our movement in the past are shameful, but it's good that we can laugh at some of it.

There are lots of comments in that thread which are related to The WILDS brand of camping. Most of it by those of us who worked there and have always supported that ministry. For instance, the crack about throwing a stick on a fire on a Friday night was not really a slam on the practice, but a memory that many of us have. It's funny in the sense that only those of us who have been part of some of these things understand the humor....we all know what it means. I consider this more in line with the kind of humor that you see in jokes like, "I'm a 6 point Calvinist....I believe in burning heretics". A hilarious joke written by a Calvinist who is willing to laugh at himself. These things are usually written by people who have an appreciation for some of it but recognize that we all go overboard from time to time.

Marty Colborn said...


I don't appreciate you calling me a nut. (Read your response to my comment.)

I still think that making jokes about some of those things mentioned is disrespectful in some cases, and might be (depending on the person who is doing it) downright rebellious against that which is seen as too restrictive a lifestyle.

Yes, you are right about being willing to laugh at oneself. But if we are laughing at ourselves, then there are two of us, and it might not be so funny for you if I choose the topic, or for me, were you to choose what we should laugh at. See what I mean? For instance, I might write a list of characteristics entitled "You might be a Young Fundamentalist if . . ."



Jackie said...

I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog (somebody on Facebook, I think), but I'm a PK who grew up in G'ville, then went to PCC. I laughed and laughed and laughed at this thread! Totally hilarious! Isn't there a Bible verse about a merry heart doeth good like a medicine...?!