Tuesday, September 11, 2007


What follows are some pictures from our recent trip. This will likely be uninteresting to most of you, but it's my blog so I'm putting them up anyway!

All in all, we had a great reunion while we were there. My wife has only been down to Mississippi one other time, so the culture was pretty new to her (I may write an article about the culture there later this week). The "southern hospitality" that you always hear about is still alive and well. We felt completely at home in my uncle's house from the moment we arrived. At any rate, here's a couple of pictures:

The guy with the ballcap on is my younger brother (Clay). Next to him is my cousin Sam, then me, then my cousin Jerry. Jerry and I are about the same age and we spent nearly every summer together when we were growing up. I had a great time "catching up" with he and his wife during our time down there. In case you're wondering, the answer is "yes".... Jerry and Sam are both pretty tall.... I'm nearly 6'4" and spent the entire weekend looking up to both of them. By the way, I'm not nearly as fat as I look in this picture....I just happen to be related to really skinny people!

You'll recognize my brother, me and our cousins from the previous picture - here we are with our spouses. My sister is the one in the flowered dress. Her boyfriend is the one in the red shirt. Three of their kids are pictured. My sister is holding one of my brother's children and one of his other children is standing in front of my wife and I. Their oldest son isn't in this picture. None of our kids our pictured. Neither of my cousins have children yet. Jerry and his wife Rena (pronounced Renae) have been married for fifteen years and Sam and Holly have been married for 2 years. They are expecting their first child (a son) in a couple of months.

I was also able to spend a little time getting to know my most "famous" living relative, George Drew. I grew up knowing him only as "Uncle Butch". I met him once as teenager and he gave me his most recent book of poetry at that time, "Toads in a Poisoned Tank". He's an interesting man who seems to fall left of me in just about every conceivable discussion, but I had a great time with him in our few conversations.

I'll write more later about the trip and some things we learned while there.

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